Management of Whitminster Village Hall.

The Village Hall is managed by a voluntary community management group called “Whitminster Village Hall & Playing Field Management Committee).  It is run as a charity called the Whitminster Village Hall & Playing Field Charity, Gloucester (Ref: 277800).

The Committee made up as follows:

  • Representatives of User Groups and Village Organisations .
  • Elected parishioners.
  • Co-option of 3 “experts” and or interested members is encouraged for specific projects.
  • Officers: Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • Other appointments: Booking Secretary, Caretaker and a paid Cleaner

To keep up to date with regulations and changes to regulations we are a member of the Village and Community Hall’s Network (Stroud District) who’s objectives are:

  • To make easier communication and support between the committees of Village and Community Halls within the Stroud District.
  • To encourage active involvement in the group, ensuring a friendly, interactive and informal ethos through communication and at its meetings.
  • To ascertain and share common problems, successes and issues in relation to the management of Village & Community Halls.
  • To liaise with, and support with the professionals (Gloucestershire Rural Community Council) in the circulation of information around the Village and Community Halls in the district.
  • To offer information, and the facility for communication, through the Village & Community Halls’ Network  website.

The Whitminster Village Hall and Playing Field Management Committee have two representatives on the Village & Community Halls Network Committee and regularly attend their Committee meetings and information events.