Parish Plan

Parish plans were originally introduced by the Countryside Agency as part of the “vital villages” initiative. These are superseded by the current “neighbourhood plan” initiative, however the Whitminster Parish Plan is still an active document that can play an important part in planning for the future and improving residents’ quality of life.

Parish plans are often used as a key source of evidence for neighbourhood plans (which can have statutory weight in the planning system) and are useful reference documents for the parish council and partner bodies.

Parish plans are intended to take a holistic view of village life and differ from village design statements which are far narrower in their remit and focus on the quality of the built environment.

A Parish Questionnaire was designed and distributed by the Parish Plan Working Group to all the properties in the Parish in 2005 – resulting in the Whitminster Parish Plan.

The results were recorded and categorised within the following sections;

About You
Character and Village Design
Health and Social Care
Local Services and Ameneties
Sport and Leisure
Crime, Policing and Emergency Services
Countryside and Environment
Housing and Development
Information and Communication
Community and Parish Council