Parish objections to proposed 2,500 house development along Grove Lane

Whitminster Parish Council have submitted the following:
The following information is required to enable the proposal to be properly assessed:-

1. A full and detailed assessment of the impact that a development of the scale proposed would have on:-
a) The capacity of the local road network, particularly the A38, the A419, and Grove Lane,
b) The M5 in its function as a Strategic National route,
c) Junctions 12 and 13 of the M5, and
d) Thepotential impact on access to the railway stations at Stonehouse, Cam and Dursley, by both private car and public transport.

2. The assessment required in 1. above must take full account of:-
a) The Outline Planning Permission recently granted for the construction of a new football stadium within the North-eastern quadrant of Junction 13
b) The impact on the ongoing development at Great Oldbury, which also includes employment land.
c) The proposal to include further employment land off the A419, opposite the proposed football stadium, and
d) The effect the proposal would have on Grove Lane as a recognised cycle route.

3. An assessment of the public transport needs to access local shopping centres, such as Stroud, Stonehouse, Gloucester and Quedgeley.
4. An assessment of local health services, including Doctors and Dentists centres.
5. An assessment of primary, secondary and further education capacities.
6. A full and detailed analysis of the impact the proposal would have on the Landscape of the Severn Vale, particularly when seen from the Cotswold Escarpment, and more locally, when seen from Whitminster village, looking towards the escarpment, and from nearer high vantage points such as Claypits at Eastington.
7. A full and detailed assessment of ground conditions within the site, including possible contamination caused by spoil dumped within the site when the Stroudwater Canal was excavated prior to infilling when the A419 between J13 and the A38 roundabout was built. Also to include the spoil dumped to the rear of Granny Shepherd’s Wood, when the M5 Motorway was built.
8. An assessment of the impact that the development would have on,
(a), the high pressure gas main running south to north through the whole site,
(b), the impact on the gas governor station situated on Grove Lane, and the branch gas main from there to Stonehouse.
(c), the impact on the two high pressure water mains pipes traversing the whole of the site.
9. An assessment of the affect of the telecoms mast currently within the site, and any possible harm caused to occupiers of the houses to be constructed.
10. A Habitat Regulations Assessment of the likely impact on wildlife currently found within the site, particularly the wooded areas, including deer, badgers, birds of prey, songbirds and so on. A tree, hedgerow, flora and fauna survey would also be required, with particular emphasis on any protected species.
11. An assessment of the possible effect such a development would have on pluvial flooding issues within the northern portion of the suggested site.
12. Further detailed information is required indicating how the proposed development site is to be serviced with foul drainage. Local treatment works are totally inadequate for a development of this size, and the site is remote form any other main treatment works.
13. A detailed assessment of the impact of noise caused by demolition works, traffic noise,
artificial light emissiaps, and loss of air quality to both existing and proposed new dwellings caused by the development of this proposed site. This to include an acoustic barrier need for noise emanating from the M5 motorway on dwellings built near to it. An assessment of the impact this proposal would have on the adjoining Grade 2 Listed Building, The Old Forge, other Listed Buildings found locally, as well as other notable buildings found nearby.
14. An assessment is required of the effect of coalescence of the villages of Moreton Valence, Whitminster and Eastington, currently separated by green fields. Included should be the loss of Public Rights of Way through green fields, and an assessment of the loss of productive agricultural land.