Meeting Notes – June 2022

These are brief notes from the June 2022 Parish Council meeting in advance of the formal minutes. They do not constitute a formal record of events!

Public Forum

There were six members of the public at the meeting and during the public forum they raised concerns that, even though there is now a solid island at the junction of the A38 and Grove Lane, drivers were still ignoring the “Left Turn Only” restriction..  Chairman Jones stressed that the island design had been approved by the Highways Dept at Glos County Council. As a result of the observations the Police have been contacted and they have agreed to monitor the situation.


County Councillor Stephen Davies agreed to engage with the Highways Department on a number of outstanding issues to improve the site including extending the southbound bus stop to enable buses to completely pull in off the main road. Other Highways issues raised included the condition of the pavement on the A38 (north of the crossroads) including overhanging hedges, excessive grass, and weed growth. Cllr Davies indicated he would take these issues forward with the Area Highways Manager.

Finally, concerns were raised at the amount of dog mess being left around the village which seems to have increased in recent weeks.



There were no Planning decisions or applications to consider. Council agreed to write to the local Member of Parliament to enlist her help in negotiating a fair Community Benefit Fund from the developers of the approved Solar Farm.


Highways and Byways

There’s a new bench installed at the junction of The Close and School Lane, this is a Jubilee bench donated by Highfield Garden Centre.  A commemorative plaque will be attached to the bench shortly.

The public right of way between Hyde Lane and School Lane has been sprayed out, and the rusting post for the road sign immediately west of the mini roundabout on School Lane has been replaced. 

There’s a short stump left behind in the Kidnams Walk footpath where a bush has been removed. It will be assessed by the Public Rights of Way officer to see if it’s an obstruction that needs further work. 

A meeting will be set up between the Parish Council and the Highways Dept regarding the new road island from Grove Lane to A38, to address the issues seen.

County Councillor Stephen Davies reported on the County Council initiative on Safer Streets, and encouraged the Parish Council to apply for funding from the scheme, with a view to making our local roads safer. This initiative will be taking place over several months. It’s likely this would entail a plan to support 20 mph speed limits on side roads throughout rural areas, and as far as Whitminster is concerned that this could apply to all roads apart from School Lane. Other road safety measures in this initiative (that could be applied on School Lane) could include a vehicle activated road sign to warn users where they are exceeding the speed limit.

Large vehicles have been reported using Hyde Lane which is unsuitable for that type of traffic.